Parents and Caregivers

It is amazing how a 7500 square foot maze of activities and learning exhibits can keep kids busy thinking, engaging in play, and creating art.  Parents and caregivers can relax, interact, and watch their children learn in the heart of Oconomowoc’s downtown.

Exhibit designs include comfortable seating for accompanying parents looking on – watching their children learn and play. An upstairs picnic area and wireless network are available while still supervising your children.

Always a concern for any parent is the idea of what their youngsters might become when they grow up.  Subtle concepts built into the design of the Gallery will allow parents to watch their children gravitate toward exhibits of interest – as if they were in school with them during the day, watching their educational progress lean toward specific subjects. This evolving learn and play environment allows children to “wonder and wander”, so to speak, slightly different than the long-term curricula of schools – which is of course important.