In June of 2013, Bob & Denise Mantz had the opportunity to purchase the assets of The Children’s Play Gallery. It had been a fixture in downtown Delafield since 2007. It was started by Ron and Sarah Sullivan who wanted to build a place for child development, enhanced family time and strong community bonds.

Bob & Denise Mantz had spent time at the gallery with their grandchildren and loved the concept. So, they took the exhibits, built to allow children to explore and use their imagination, and used their imagination to renew and recondition them. They found a new home in downtown Oconomowoc.

They hope to become a community gathering place, where children and parents can bond.  A place where young families can make connections and children can build their imaginations.

Their goal is to constantly renew and refresh the gallery, always giving children a chance to learn and discover when they come in.